Iceland 2005 Day 3

Day 3, June 18, 2005: the drive to Grundarfjörður

The scenery of coastal Iceland is unlike anything we had seen before. There is usually some body of water – either a fjord, a lake, a waterfall or a river – nearby and on a sunny day like today, even the smallest streams shine sparkly blue. And it seems that there is always some mountain either threatening to loose rocks on the right of us, looming behind us, rising out of the ground in front of us or holding up the Earth’s crust beneath us.


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Iceland 2005 Day 2


Day 2, Hafnarfjörður and the drive to Snæfellsbær

It’s Icelandic Independence Day today, so we decided to hang around Reykjavík for the festivities before our journey to Snæfellsbær.

This is the statue of Ingólfur Arnarsson, the official first settler of Iceland, on Arnarhóll hill, Reykjavík. Ingólfur came to Iceland with his blood brother Hjörleifur who was later killed by his slaves. Ingólfur then found them sitting around a meal of roast puffins and avenged his brother with the help of his own slaves. Serves them right for eating cute, chubby birds.

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